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John Barry Hair Styling

12 - Dec - 2014

John Barry have been established at London Rd Westcliff since 1973 specialising in the latest styling techniques using the most recent equipment

Anti Frizz By YUKO

Anti-Frizz By YUKO

Anti Frizz By YUKO

Anti Frizz By YUKO Is Now In John Barry Salons

Professional Hair and John Barry Hair Styling are proud to announce that we are the first Southend Hairdressers to carry Anti-Frizz by YUKO. This new product is quick, safe, gentle and natural and has no harmful fumes. No masks are needed when applying the treatment and there is no burning eyes or nausea during the procedure. Treatments are safe for all hair types and take just 90 minutes with results lasting on average for 3 months.

Intoducing Anti-Frizz By YUKO

There are 4 quick and easy steps to great hair with Anti-Frizz By YUKO. Firstly we shampoo your hair, then we apply solution 1 and rinse. Next we apply solution 2 and rinse before blow drying and 'ironing' your hair. And that's it, 90 minutes to beautiful frizz-free hair that will last up to 3 months

A New Generation of Anti-Frizz Treatment by YUKO

Anti-Frizz by YUKO is the newest innovative, Japanese anti-frizz treatment that will semi-permenantly smooth away frizz and make hair more manageable and healthy looking. This technology advanced formula was created by YUKO, the pioneers of thermal hair straightening. Now YUKO presents a new anti-frizz treatment featuring breakthrough ingredients to control and improve hair texture. Combined with a unique blend of natural ingredients from silk soy and wheat, in 4 quick easy steps, Anti-Frizz by YUKO will safely smooth away frizz and seal in nutrients for a healthy shiny finish.

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