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John Barry Hair Styling

12 - Dec - 2014

John Barry have been established at London Rd Westcliff since 1973 specialising in the latest styling techniques using the most recent equipment

Thermal Scissors

Thermal Hair Cutting

What is this revolution in hairdressing?

Banish split-ends and add greater volume, elasticity and shine.

Thera-cut heated scissors heat seal the end of each hair, as it is cut, maintaining the hair's natural moisture content. This sealing stops the dreaded split-ends and because of the higher moisture and natural oil content the hair stays in better condition.

Stylists report better style hold and colour retention, after treatments.

You're worth it

We think this revolution in hair cutting is too good to miss - so we have invested in the equipment because 'you're worth it'.

The pictures show the difference between hot cutting and cold cutting. The pictures show a hair magnified 500 times. The top hair has been cut cold. The same hair is shown below after being cut with THERA-cut.

The difference is obvious and the benefits immediate. Hair splitting at the ends arrested, moisture often lost during cutting and drying dramatically reduced. The hair has more elasticity and exhibits more natural shine.

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